Beau Monde Friday, May 14 2010 

Minuets and Mayhem at the Formal Mardi Gras Ball

by Le Nez

New Toulouse Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel welcomed the most fashionable of revelers to the New Toulouse Formal Mardi Gras Ball at the Toussaint l’Ouverture Library Ballroom on February 16, 2010. There were two gatherings that day—one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Riel greeted bons vivants from New Toulouse, Caledon, and New Babbage as they ascended the grand stair to the magnificent ballroom.

Bejeweled belles of New Toulouse in attendance during the first session included owner of the Giverny sim and Snook’s Bayou Gardens in Algiers Soliel Snook and Algiers resident Amber Palowakski. Le Nez also observed Rudolfo Woodget, Alexx McLaglen, Francesca Alva, Anna Darwinian, Bookworn Hienrichs, Jackal Ennui, Roberto Viking, Denny Kozlov, Clotilde Hallison, and so many more partaking in the soft, ceremonious movements of the minuet.

But gentility waned as guests discovered the presence of an uninvited guest when Ms. McLaglen deduced that the Italian of seemingly confused noob Salvo96 Titian was actually worse than hers—as if the world needed another phony Italian playboy anyway. (Le Nez is naturally suspicious of any avatar with numerical digits in his or her name.) With patience thin after Mr. Titian’s absurd disruption, the prim minister froze him, and Lady Palowakski suggested that guests “pile crap on him.”

Unfortunately poor Salvo96 was not to be the only gala-crasher. Mayhem erupted on the dance floor as zombies bit and mauled the unarmed crowd. The minuet disintegrated into panic as horrified fabulistas lunged for the edges of the dance floor. And in a positively vulgar thumb at decorum, the zombies were not even in formal attire.

With security heightened for the evening session, well-heeled guests escaped the horrors of party crashers—dead or alive.

Seen tripping the light fantastic well into the evening were New Toulouse residents RMarie Beedit, Pazzo Pestana, Kafkagome Bekkers, and Jake Wikifoo. Also in the crowd were longtime SL resident Bunny Page, Radio Riel presenter Matthew Masingh, Nemurimasu Neiro, Numbus Broome, Deirdra Maven, Wendyslippers Charisma, and Peter Sakai, to name a few.

What a sensational day and night at the Toussaint l’Ouverture Library Ballroom! Mardi Gras festivities in New Toulouse are not soon to be forgotten, and the same goes for the New Toulouse Formal Mardi Gras Ball.

Everything’s Jake on Wikifoo’s Rezday

by RMarie Beedit

We are able to open our eyes just a crack while dictating this article; pounding the keys of that manual typewriter is like ten thousand elephants dancing on the forehead. Today, things beyond the eyelids look—as Jake Wikifoo would say—as gray as my liver. Yesterday (February 6, 2010) was Mister Jake’s rezday party, and he pulled out all the stops.

Dancing and revelry took place on the back terrace of his New Toulouse Algiers home, Galerie Wikifoo. An illustrious list of New Toulouse and out-of-town guests whooped an’ hollered in true Wikifoo fashion. With upwards of forty guests helping Mr. Wikifoo kick off the second year of his Second Life throughout the afternoon, there was no significant lag, and the music played on for a full two hours. As rezday favors, prizes were given to guests with the best Mardi Gras masks. Among the winners were New Toulouse Algiers “Queen” Nikita Weymann; Pazzo Pestana, who received the Oprah award for his Dr. Phil mask; and Amber “hey, that’s not a mask at all” Palowakski for … sexy legs!

The music at this party was provided by “Vampire DJ” Shaw Axel. Interesting covers of ’80s classics topped the bill. Sadly, Shaw’s retinue of chatty “whooooooo-ers” were not conducive to the music listening experience for everyone. But this isn’t a DJ review, and all was forgiven as the debauch worked its way into our veins. One unnamed source said, as Jake danced between her and her partner, “A party hasn’t degenerated until there is a Duchess sandwich.”

As an important aside, a few weeks ago while doing the mystery hunt by automobile, Jake was seen driving his 1914 Blitzen Benz directly into the canal behind the cemetery. Some may call it a terrible accident to lose such a beautiful machine in the briny depths. Jake emerged from the water smoking a cigar, later exclaiming, “I seem to have just lost the ground from under me!”

Happy rezday, Jake! We love you!

Originally published on February 19, 2010.


Swell on Wheels Friday, May 14 2010 

If they ever send folks up to the moon, there will probably be some kind of space agency. The agency would have to employ a lot of very eccentric people. And who knows where they’d get the money to build all those rocketships?

If the Mardi Gras parade last Saturday were a rocketship, the captains’ pre-parade chat log might read like a NASA launch countdown. Not that anyone around here knows what NASA is … ask someone from Insilico.

Working up to that forty-minute parade took many hours of planning on the parts of more than several heroic New Toulousians. Late-night rehearsals and float races, monklike scripting sessions, shopping for seventeenth-century garb, torch lighting, sewing costumes, making sure the logos were clear, icing corpses into handy projectiles …. Finally, that zero hour behind the cemetery was for some a time for butterflies, for others military precision (and, never to be discounted, drunken mayhem for the rest). So when Parade Captain Henri Godenot yelled, “Allons! Let’s roll!” and the floats were on their way, there was a true sense of Mardi Gras in the air in New Toulouse!

Miz Gabi had this to say about the parade: “The residents of New Toulouse outdid themselves on Saturday, February 13 for the 2nd Annual New Toulouse Mardi Gras Parade. It’s clear that we all applied the lessons we learned at last year’s parade. This year was smoother and with less lag, and the captains and their krewes did an amazing job with their floats. It truly took my breath away to see the floats coming up the street towards Laveau Square!”

After two or three parade route go-arounds to the rousing background sounds of Radio Riel, the drivers hitched their teams at the city center, and everyone jumped off the floats for dancing and flailing among the crowd.

Gabi quickly got busy selling soggy bayou land to northerners and telling them it was beachfront property. The krewes jumped up and down and said they wished the journey to the moon had been longer. Finally, waving their various favors provided by the krewes, including colorful umbrella dances, voodoo dolls, and zombie necklaces, the mob bounced and marched over to Kari’s Bar.

At Kari’s, revelers were treated to a great set by Carter Denja, courtesy of Madhu’s. “I had a superb time. It was delightful to be a part of so many people’s Mardi Gras celebrations and an honor to be broadcast on Radio Riel,” said Carter. She and Stormy Aluveaux will be moving Madhu’s to New Toulouse Algiers this coming spring!

The next set at Kari’s was the beloved Arman Finesmith. As ever, he charmed his fans at the Mardi Gras Ball and sweetened the day. Laughs were shared, happy tears were shed, Finesmith was in the air.

“This Mardi Gras for me was the very best I have lived in my two years as a resident Talooster,” said Karima. “From the parade planning to the execution, the excitement, activities—the fabulous hunt—and the music, dances, and decorations, New Tououse showed us all its incredible resurrection of vitality, style, and community.”

In other Kari’s news, Karima is looking forward to hosting events more frequently in the future, including Kari’s RL birthday special “Loud and Live” dance on March 6 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, featuring Carter Denja and some of the hottest live performers in SL: electronic blues virtuoso guitarist Tukso Okey and sax player Seba Sideways!

There were an estimated fifty-plus people in New Toulouse for the parade and ball on Saturday. There was so much excitement in New Toulouse. It really gave all New Toulouse residents even more energy and community spirit, and it made the experience so fulfilling. Thank you to everyone from New Toulouse and to all who came from other regions to celebrate this and other Mardi Gras events. Forevermore, laissez les bon temps rouler!

Official Roster of Parade Participants

Krewe de Zombies

Henri Godenot, Capitan
Karima Hoisin, Choreographer
Dany Bimbogami, Clothing Designer
rmarie Beedit, Photographer
Bedlamie Thunders, Spiritual Guide
Suzanne Moomintoog, because we just love her so
Pi Illios, Krewe Reveler Supreme!

Krewe de Flambeaux

Jake Wikifoo, Capitan
Pazzo Pestano, Driver
Francesca Alva, Krewe Reveler Supreme!
Kembri Tomsen, Krewe Reveler Supreme!

Krewe of Bast

Nikita Weymann, Capitan
Soto Hax, Mistress of Chaos
Jimmeh Obolensky, Driver

Vieux Krewe

Amber Palowaksi, Capitan
Abigail Raymaker, Krewe Reveler Supreme!

Krewe Europa

KlausWulfenbach Outlander, Capitan
Annechen Lowey, Krewe Reveler Supreme!

Hoodoo U. Love Icewagon

Cato Quan, Capitan
Mari Moonbeam, Krewe Reveler Supreme!

Krewe Madhu

Carter Denja, Capitan and Krewe Reveler Supreme!

~RMarie Beedit

Originally published on February 19, 2010.

Beau Monde Friday, May 14 2010 

Panache and Swamp Talk at the Winter Cotillion
by RMarie Beedit

The New Toulouse Winter Cotillion was given by Mrs. Gabrielle Riel at New Toulouse #20 on January 29. Tune Goddess Soliel Snook provided music on behalf of Radio Riel, with all present hoofing it for several hours to the fine regional beats. The minuet was the dance of choice, with certain Algerines pairing off for more primal bumps ‘n’ grinds.

Midway through the festivities, the elusive Alphonse Panache made an appearance. Ascending the stairs and crossing the dance floor wearing nothing but a large, toothy grin, he paused only to snuffle at Saffia Widdershins’ azure taffeta skirt.

There was much conversation about the upcoming Mardi Gras festivities as well as the murder mystery beginning on February 1. Also, the winner of the competition for the new library building was announced during the ball. Jorge Serapis’s building will be placed in New Toulouse in February or March. Another contest entry, by Serra Anansi, was chosen to be the future town hall, to be installed when up to four upcoming regions are added.

All dancers agreed that this is a very exciting time for the New Toulouse region. Caledonians were particularly excited about the prospect of a Garden District; older New Toulouse denizens just seemed raring to stand in swamp up to their necks. Meanwhile the ball, attended by about twenty-seven people and others, was declared a success.

Milk and Music at the Imbolc Ball

by Le Nez

Lady Amber Palowakski and Lady Abigail Raymaker hosted the Fourth Annual Imbolc Ball on February 2 in the ballroom of their swankienda on the northeast point of Algiers, La Maison Bauerhoff.

Imbolc celebrates the ancient Celtic holiday of early spring, said to be a major sabbat of the Wiccan calendar. “The ewes would start lactating,” according to Miss Palowakski, “getting ready for labor.”

“Ewwww,” bellowed a guest, as the history was told.

DJ extraordinaire and New Toulouse Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel supplied music for the gala, for the fourth year running. Traditional music played for the first hour, with Miss Riel switching to ambient dance music for the second.

Tuxedoed swains swooned in the wakes of ladies in gowns of billowing white—white being the traditional color of Imbolc (and also sheep’s milk).

Notable guests included Soliel Snook, Alexx McLaglen, Nisaa Genira, Nnara Fenstalker, Annechen Lowey, Podruly Peccable, Wildstar Beaumont, and Lysmina Lewinter.

Of course, no social event is complete without party chat—and the Imbolc Ball delivered in spades. Topics discussed ranged from the closing of the New Toulouse embassy in New Babbage to the publication of Lord Steadman Kondor’s new Victorian serial, and of course included the much-anticipated Bayou addition to the New Toulouse estate.

Citizens of New Toulouse and Caledon alike danced the day away. And instead of the fete winding down when scheduled, “Miz Gabi” arranged to continue her playlist, switching to Haitian and Voodoo mixes. The party reveled on.

Originally published on February 3, 2010.

The Wages of Sin Friday, May 14 2010 

Can you solve this murder mystery set in New Toulouse? Find all the clues to claim your prizes!

The mystery runs from February 1 to February 28. To begin, go to Laveau Square and touch the hunt kiosk to receive your HUD and first clue. Wear the HUD, and follow the instructions on the notecard. When you spot the clue object, touch it to register your find on the HUD and receive your next clue. Continue until you have uncovered all twenty clues, at which point you can go to the prize hall and select your prizes!

Reading the following Tattler article may help you:


(Then again, it may not.)

Current prizes include those from Pocket Gardens, Skye Qi’s Vintage Apparel Emporium, the Curious Seamstress, SHD/Eleutheria, Grimalkin Workshop, Crimson and Clover, and Catfish.

* A Basin Street Irregulars production *

Join the Basin Street Irregulars group for event announcements and assistance:


Originally published on January 23, 2010.

Theft, Murder as New Toulouse Sinks Into Swamp of Sin Friday, May 14 2010 


The VICTIM, one ALBERT CAPUT, himself NO STRANGER TO THE SORDID BACK ALLEYS of the CRIMINAL MIND, was found dead close to the doorway of the ironically named “House of Butterflies.” Ironically indeed, gentle reader. Not lightly do we utter this word. For there is nothing delicate nor beautiful about that lair of loucheness, that squalid slum of scandal and salaciousness, that monument to the disgraceful depths to which the “fairer sex” might sink. What butterfly dare venture near? Its tiny heart—so gentle! so innocent!—would break in two. There, hard-eyed harpies twitch and ply their abominable trade in the service of the demon Vice, their raddled faces rivaled in vileness only by the raucous screeching of their ghastly voices, their diseased hips tilting and swaying in deplorable attempts to bring the decent man low.

NIKITA WEYMANN—to whom a charitable liar might refer in a moment of enthusiasm as “the proprietress”—displayed a disgraceful lack of any sort of propriety when confronted with her lackadaiscal attitude toward the crime and common decency. Rather, she offered up a slurred tirade of vicious invective (punctuated by cries for gin and a great quantity of flying spittle) and displayed an all-too-telling lack of remorse and a shocking quantity of ankle. A similar lack of civic pride was displayed by her harem of harridans.

As yet, the valiant officers of our parish police have no leads (suitably equipped volunteers are therefore eagerly sought to walk Senor Wuffles, the Police Dog). New Toulouse greets this news with heavy heart but little surprise; for the criminal capacity for misdeeds has expanded like a congressman’s stomach. On the very same day—the very same, dear reader!—as the appalling incident recounted above, a shocking theft occured. A hairy hand reached from the underworld to strike at the beating heart and varicose veins of our community. Jewels delightful, precious, and of incalculable worth were ripped untimely from the box of fragrant Madame Dubois, beloved of this parish and Sieur Dubois. Distraught, she has offered a reward to anyone who might know of the whereabouts of her beloved baubles, for a little bird tweets in our ear that the diabolical cunning of this crime—cunning which oozes like jam from a discarded scone—has thwarted all attempts to solve it.

IT IS SURELY a judgment upon our once-tranquil community that such curious and terrible things are now held to be as commonplace as prayer; it is surely no coincidence that the infliction of this affliction was coterminous with the manifestation of the malefic Maison. This paper will not stand idly by and let a passing pestilence become a permanent pox. This paper stands for something: it stands for PRINCIPLES, it stands for COMMON-SENSE, it stands for VIRTUE, DECENCY, and THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. This paper stands atop the SHOULDERS of GIANTS to view UNIMPEDED the GREAT BRINY OCEAN OF TRUTH within which SWIM THE MIGHTY CETACEANS of MORAL RECTITUDE & UPRIGHT DISCIPLINE; and brushing FLAKES of GIANT DANDRUFF FROM ITS FACE, this paper turns TO YOU and ASKS:


~”Scoops” McNulty

Originally published on January 23, 2010.

Mardi Gras 2009 Photos Friday, May 14 2010 


If you’ve got any photographs from Mardi Gras in New Tou, we invite them to add them to the Tattler’s photo pool!

Originally published on February 28, 2009.

Shantz: Man About Town Friday, May 14 2010 

Hello again, folks. I’m the man about town, here to tell you about a place that is quickly becoming a premier party spot and hangout. Located across the river to the north of New Toulouse proper is the community of Algiers. There, just behind the train depot, is a café called Le Chat Gris. Whether you are basking in the bayou sun or relaxing on a beautiful, moonlit evening, this place always has something to offer. Inside the café, adorned with exquisite décor, is a sitting room just inviting you to be seated. Coffee is always on the counter, and an assortment of snacks is placed out from time to time. Outside on the patio … well, where do I begin? There’s seating, dancing, the Tin Can Alley game, fortune telling, a huge tree with animated branches, seating on the porch to have a splendid meal, and the list goes on and on.

Miss Nikita Weymann, the owner, is spendidly innovative and always coming up with something new to entertain the community. Alongside the patio you will find her pet alligator, Miss Petunia. I caution you, Miss Petunia cannot resist tickling you. I only have one warning for you when visiting the café. It was built over an old cemetery, and since this is the bayou and voodoo plays a part, you might see a zombie or two—so BYOW (bring your own weapons).

The café never closes, but one particular time to visit is on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM SLT, to participate in Miss Petunia’s Patio Potluck. Thank you, Miss Weymann, for your contribution to the community.

~Shantz Hawker

Originally published on February 28, 2009.

Mardi Gras 2009 Friday, May 14 2010 

Treasure Hunt: February 17 to 24

So far, there are thirty prizes to be found, contributed by the following fine New Tou establishments:

* Algiers Publishing (#10, #11, #12)
* Carter’s Hashish House (#27)
* Le Chat Gris (#13, #30)
* Dany French Touch (#19, #20: see pics at her site)
* Grimalkin Workshop (#5, #6: see pics at her site)
* Kari’s Bar & Dance (#1)
* Lily’s (#7, #8, #9)
* Le Maison Blanche (#24, #25)
* Maman Louhi’s House of Voodoo (#14, #15, #16)
* Miss Elle’s Lucky #7 (#28, #29)
* Moonbeams (#26)
* Oddkitties (#17, #18)
* A Pane in the Glass (#2, #3, #4)
* To a T (#21, #22, #23)

More may be added at any moment! Here’s what you’re looking for:

There are displays at both telehubs, where you can see an example of the box:

* New Toulouse telehub
* New Toulouse Algiers telehub

Fat Effin’ Thursday: February 19, 6:00–8:00 PM SLT

Okay, so we do this once a week. But it’s Fat Effin’ Thursday! Come out and throw some words around, pet the alligator, hear the swamptastic tunes of DJ Bats, feel the tradition. We’ll try to keep the zombies offa ya, plus we’ll be handing out festive wearable sparklers that make ya dance like a lunatic. Here’s where:

* Le Chat Gris, New Toulouse Algiers

Parade: February 22, 12:00 noon SLT

Join in the fun! Dress up in costumes, marvel at the fantastic parade floats, and catch prizes! Here’s the starting point, but if you arrive late, just look for the green blobs on yer minimap:

* Laveau Square, New Toulouse

Masquerade Ball: February 22, 2:00 PM SLT

Our beloved prim minister, Miss Gabrielle Riel, will DJ! Laissez les bon temps roulez! The dance takes place in the awesome big top that currently stands where the prim minister’s residence will be:

* Awesome big top in Algiers

Fat Tuesday at Kari’s: February 24, 7:00 PM SLT

Miss Karima Hoisan presents a special Mardi Gras treat with a live performance of blues and ragtime by Arman Finesmith! DJ Laine Markova starts off the evening at 7:00, with Mr. Finesmith to follow at 8:00.

* Kari’s Bar & Dance

Originally published on February 11, 2009.

Photo Contest Winners Friday, May 14 2010 

The judges have deliberated, and here are the top entries for the Soul of New Toulouse photo contest!

We'll meet again...

First Place: “We’ll Meet Again,” by Shylah Oceanlane
(Prize: L$1,200)


Second Place: “Friendship,” by Gwynn Blackburn
(Prize: L$500)

Leaving New Toulouse Algiers

Third Place: “Leaving New Toulouse Algiers,” by Eladrienne Laval
(Prize: L$300)

Train depot

Honorable Mention: “Train Depot,” by Zayllia Blaisdale

In addition, the winners of the random prize drawing are as follows:

* Outfit from Dany’s French Touch: Mari Moonbeam
* L$250 gift certificate from Grimalkin Workshop: Kip Skytower

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos!

~ Nikita Weymann, for the Tattler staff

Originally published on February 6, 2009.

Ask Miss LilyDay Friday, May 14 2010 

Dear Miss LilyDay,

If she says she loves me, why does her tag always say “Away” when we dance?

~Dances Alone

Dear Dances Alone,

Perhaps your lady is dancing in real life, as I do myself during SL parties. Perhaps she is lost in her own dream world, planning your long and beautiful SL romance. Perhaps she’s really just talking to her best girlfriend and giggling about Ruth in the corner. Perhaps she’s lost in her inventory, looking for a favourite dress that she cannot find because she just realized that she passed it over to a fella who was on a pink poseball with her one night. Just realize that this might be a good time to organize your inventory. 😉

~Miss LilyDay

Dear Miss LilyDay,

How do I rope myself a boyfriend when I’m all out of duct tape?


Dear Perplexed,

I can sympathize with your problem. The first rule is to stock up on duct tape. Should you find yourself without duct tape, there are other options available to you:

* pantyhose (also alluring in other ways)
* string
* fishing line (even with the pole attached)
* rope (a whole nother article entirely)
* floss (in a pinch)

If these should fail, you could always resort to cheese.

~Miss LilyDay

Send your questions to Miss LilyDay by dropping a notecard named “Ask Miss LilyDay” into the mailbox outside the newspaper office.

Originally published on February 6, 2009.

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